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Listen as Julaine talks with top-tier guests and offers insights on how to make money and make a difference.

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Julaine Smith

Julaine Smith has transitioned through a twelve-year season of life she affectionately refers to as her "season of preparation". It began in 2001, when she resigned from her position as VP of Finance for AT&T Broadband, accelerated in 2007, when Smith began operating her accounting and management consulting firm, ARISE Business Solutions, LLC, and culminated in 2014, when she began hosting her radio show, Loving God & Making Money.

On Loving God & Making Money, Julaine interviews guests and offers insights on what it takes to build generous companies she calls G Corporations, and profitable careers that make a difference  a difference she refers to as creating Eternal Wealth.

Smith defines "Eternal Wealth" as: "wealth that is used to uplift the lives of others in a sustainable way, thereby providing a long-lasting benefit to both the receiver and the giver". Smith says, "We should not be afraid to risk creating Eternal Wealth, but wise and savvy enough to surround ourselves with resources to support our risky endeavors"

Loving God and Making Money is one of those resources.

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